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Mallorca Cradle Of Champions

No one can deny that Mallorca is an island that lives and breathes for sport. Amateur and professional footballers, basketball players, athletes, golfers, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders, tennis and padel […]
jose luis castillo karate champion mallorca 09244f24

Meet ex Spanish Karate Champion: José Luis Castillo

Martial arts and fitness training expert José Luis Castillo has a life-long experience practicing…
doctora marisol carrasco medicina estetica d4904618

Meet Dr. Marisol Carrasco

We can’t stop time and avoid aging, but we can surely slow down the process and look young, …
frank kruger mallorca art galery f8c9009b

Meet Frank Krüger

Born in 1962, Frank Krüger spent his youth in his hometown Berlin, Germany. Youngest of three bro…
nicolas de lacy brown mallorca 06bb4eb4

Meet Nicholas De Lacy-Brown

In his own words: a happily artistic, suitably lawyeristic, modern renaissance man. His art refle…
Mallorca ports 40493394

The Simple Seduction Of Mallorca’s Ports

The entrance to Palma de Mallorca from the west of the island is an inherently thrilling expe…
on the trail of mallorca wine intro scaled 3e816a86

On The Trail Of Mallorcan Wine

Mallorca is well known for its beauty, a gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors com…
tapas mallorca must try c1ed128a

Top Must-Try Food And Drinks In Mallorca

Whether it is liqueur made from the local herb, a wine, oil or a delicacy all products contain an…
Mallorca wine 7380ae61

Mallorca Wine, The Island´s Best Kept Secret

Mallorcan wine used to be the island’s best-kept secret. Until recent years the wine produced on …
best gifts for foodies mallorca olive oil 91b53989

Best Gifts For Foodies Made In Mallorca

Choosing gifts can often be a stressful aspect. However, when you give food as gift, you can neve…
test foto for size scaled e435fbce

The Spirit Of Andreu Genestra’s Cuisine

If creativity is one of the key qualities of a great chef, talented Andreu Genestra is a master o…
porcella scaled 128eb161

Most Popular Cold-Weather Mallorcan Dishes

Mallorcan winters are admittedly mild, but as days get shorter and temperature sstart to drop thi…
non surgical rejuventation treaments 8cf7ed94

The Best Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments

It’s a cold hard fact, time takes a toll on our skin, and nobody has yet found the fountain of yo…
Jose Manuel Beltran 1 ce72c1af

Meet Fitness Coach José Beltran

As a person, Jose Beltran of Body and Mind Mallorca is high energy. His classes are safe, effecti…
elena 9e98cfa7

Meet Elena Davis

I meet Elena Davis on a mild December morning in Soller, the town where she went to live in 1959….

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