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Travel in Style

Whether a short escape, a business trip, or a long vacation, I always like to travel in style and travel light. The key for me is to keep it simple and opt for classics that are primarily practical but will also make me look smart and put together at the same time. No, you do not have to sacrifice style for the sake of comfort. 

“Less is More”

There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold. So I found out that dressing in layers is functional and saves money. One can use one layer of clothing almost all year round and everywhere. First and foremost, I try only to pack and wear pieces I can wear multiple ways when I travel and look good even without ironing. My favorite piece of clothing ever is my travel wrap.

Travel Wraps

A travel wrap is brilliant accessory that – whether you travel or not – you simply cannot miss in your closet. Whether an oversized scarf, a poncho, or a cape, travel wraps come in handy on every occasion, a summer breeze gone chilly, if you need an extra layer of warmth during winter or want to bring a touch of class to your dress or your sweater. You can wear it all year round and still look fashionable.

Whether or not I am headed to a chilly destination, I always have my cashmere travel wrap with me, it adds lightweight warmth on the plane. Gobi Cashmere and the TravelWrap Company are my favorite places to shop for many reasons. I love the superb quality of their cashmere, their designs, attention to detail, and their excellent customer service. Pack one such item in your hand luggage, and it will enhance the way you travel.

Laptop Travel Bag and in-flight must-haves

Whether I am off to a  working trip or not, my laptop always comes with me. I bought my Knomo laptop bag in New York, but it is British brand. It is one of my best buys, and I am still so in love with it. It is stylish and functional, and it is the perfect laptop bag for traveling or an everyday backpack for commuting to work. It has separate padded zipped compartments and enough room to carry other essentials.

I’ve always been quite the minimalist, yet it doesn’t hurt to bring some extra items that enhance my comfort onboard, especially if it’s a longer flight. Airplane air is so drying; it’s essential to stay hydrated. And so, I always, always have a little bag with my travel must-haves in TSA-approved sizes for hand sanitizer, a face moisturizer, and hand cream, and my Charlotte Tilbury Essentials.

Plan your Trip

Luggage in Style

I believe the best way to maintain your wanderlust in between trips is by planning your next adventure, and what better way to get motivated for your next voyage than to purchase some new gear. Your luggage is something you should think carefully about and invest in quality pieces you can rely on every time you travel. As I like to travel light, I found a great companion in my Victorinox trolley. The hard-shell cases is made from 100 per cent Bayer polycarbonate meaning it is are durable, streamlined and very light.

I can be a total freak when organizing my trolley or suitcase. I used zip lock bags until I discovered the packing cubes, and I can’t go without them. They take the hassle out of packing and give easier access to my clothes without messing up the whole suitcase.

samsonite cabin spinner

I’m currently using the high-quality Briggs and Riley packing cubes. The medium packing cube is great for the main clothing compartment, and I compliment that with one slim packing cube for my socks and undergarments.

These packing cubes are on the pricier side, but I am sure you can find alternatives that are not as expensive.

“Elegance is in the details”

Last but not least, style is all about the finer details. A leather passport wallet, luggage tags, shoulder straps, or suitcase stickers can add an essential touch of elegance to every step of your trip.

Globe Trotter makes my favorite passport holders. I personally love the smooth leather and minimalist design, but I would gift the travel-stamped design that represents all the adventures yet to come as a good wish.

Our editorial team has independently selected each product we feature and reviewed. If you purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission.

Travel in Style Iberia


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