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We all have our reasons for moving to an island, the laid-back lifestyle, the slower pace, maybe escaping some life situation we’ve grown tired of, or simply a primal calling of our roots.

“You can take the girl out of the Mediterranean, but you can’t take the Mediterranean out of the girl”
For me, after several years of living in cold, rainy Holland, it was the need for a change of scenery and vitamin sea.

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It was that very “human disposition towards containedness” combined with that magnetic attraction to the sea that immediately got me hooked on an island and island life.

“Small islands are geographically pleasing, appealing to a human disposition towards containedness. It is possible to visualize, in satisfying detail, the coastline of an island, to know where it begins and ends, to picture where you are spatially at a given point in time.”

Pam Allen

Falling in love with a place is a bit like falling in love with a lover. Mallorca was like love at first sight, that instant connection that gives you a sense of coming home. And like when you are in love with a person, the deeper you feel, the more you want to see, know, explore, discover. I could never go somewhere just straight.

Whether it was a view, a mysterious path, or an intriguing landscape, there was always something along the way that captured my eye and got me sidetracked.
As I continued to explore the island, I came more and more to the realization that I had made one of the best decisions in my life. With its perfect mix of breathtaking nature, lifestyle and great food, endless sunshine, beautiful landscapes, and cosmopolitan vibe, this was the best place for a relaunch.

How BEST of MALLORCA was started

I had my hands full with single parenting while establishing my travel business, and I was having a hard time finding my way around as a newcomer whenever I needed something. What if there were an easily accessible, discerning information resource from first-hand experience so that you could find what you need without having to go through the time-consuming task of cutting through the clutter? Some digital “word-of-mouth” you can trust? And so BOM was born.

I aim for it to be an essential information tool that allows discerning travelers and island lovers to capture the essence of Mallorca and experience it to the fullest with advice and recommendations from the people who know it inside out. We share a passion for writing and cultivating content. On this website, you will find insights and travel tips from other locals I trust and from me, and a look into the lifestyle of this beautiful Mediterranean island. If you have any questions or experiences to share as a visitor or an expatriate, I would love to hear from you.

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