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Director of Bonaire Bespoke Recovery Psychiatrist
Director of Bonaire Bespoke Recovery Psychiatrist

Meet Dr. Pablo Tobajas Ruber

Say you are a high-networth individual (HNWI) – maybe because you are a celebrity, or perhaps because you’ve ended up in a high-powered job – struggling with an addiction problem, a mental disorder, or suffering from anxiety and panic attacks; what would you do about it? And where would you go to get the best treatment to recover and recalibrate yourself?

Although there is no longer a stigma associated with seeking therapy for alcohol, drugs abuse and addiction, or mental illness – even Prince Harry publicly discussed the effects his mother’s death had on his mental health in a 2017 chat with Bryony Gordon on her “Mad World” podcast –  there is still a desire to step away from the public eye; seek a private environment where you can pull yourself out of the grind and can focus on finding your inner strength and recalibrating the system by the hands of highly qualified practitioners.

Doctor Pablo Tobajas, psychiatrist Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

“Sometimes a white coat is more than a uniform”

There are people who can make a difference in someone’s life and there are people with the ability to change someone’s life. Becoming a doctor was dr. Pablo Tobajas’ calling. Prompted by a compulsion to help others and a humanistic vision, he decided to specialize in psychiatry and currently leads the prestigious clinic Bonaire Salut.
With more than 25 year experience under his belt, dr. Tobajas is a firm believer in the restorative benefits of therapy. He is also the co-founder of Bonaire Bespoke Recovery, a private addiction treatment facility in Mallorca.

Composed by a team of multi-disciplinary clinicians and qualified experts, including psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, medical experts, and nurses, Bonaire Bespoke Recovery offers comprehensive, one-to-one programs designed to treat drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling, and sex addictions, and mental health issues.

We sat down with Dr. Tobajas and co-founder and Business Development Manager Laura Picó to discuss the mental disorders that affect our society today and learn about their luxury rehabilitation facility and 360 degree treatment method, and focus for their clientele.

Dr. Pablo Tobajas and Laura Picó - Directors of  Bonaire Bespoke Recovery
Dr. Pablo Tobajas and Laura Picó – Directors of Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

Q. Dr. Tobajas, based on your experience, what are the most common factors that negatively influence mental stability and health and the conditions common to most people?

A. Among the most frequent causes of disorders, we find post traumatic experiences, dysfunctional family life, and lengthy, severe stress conditions. There are countless mental health conditions, but depression, burnout, and anxiety are the most common ones.
As mental health impacts every area of our lives, it is crucial to create constructive behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, enhance our self-image, and improve relationships and work performance. The earlier someone becomes aware of their issue and begins treatment, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to manage their condition or recover from an addiction.

Q.  That leads to my next question, what causes alcohol or substance abuse, and what leads to addiction?

A. Many factors can lead to alcohol and substance abuse. Genetics, environment, medical history, inability to cope with uncomfortable feelings or stress, and age play a role. People get addicted because consuming alcohol, drugs, and opiates stimulates the release of pleasure chemicals – like dopamine and endorphins within the brain. They produce feelings of pleasure and satisfaction and act as a natural painkiller. So, both physical and psychological addictive factors come into play when overcoming addiction. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; what works for one patient may not work for another.

“You don’t walk alone” 

Bonaire Bespoke Recovery Mallorca
Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

Q. How do people recognize their need for help and decide to make their health a priority?

A. More often than not, it takes people to hit rock bottom to realize that they rely on substances to avoid being confronted with negative or painful emotions, a problem or a situation  in their life they cannot control.  But health won’t become a priority unless one fully accepts the idea that they need professional help.

Q. Laura, why is Bonaire Bespoke Recovery’s method so successful?

A. We take a 360-degree approach to therapy. Jointly, our team creates a complete interdisciplinary recovery based on each client’s individual needs. There are no groups and no shared facilities. We work one-on-one with our clients for the whole treatment period and equip them with the tools they need and the necessary aftercare based on each individual circumstance to avoid a relapse.
We follow strict protocols that provide the utmost privacy from the first call to aftercare. Our private villa venues are tucked away in peaceful locations to ensure a serene stay. They offer top-of-the-line amenities pools, hot tubs, saunas, a fully equipped fitness area, private chefs, and more. Everything aims at serving our client’s physical and mental needs during their stay.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman

Our addiction recovery programs are complemented by relaxing and fun activities to boost successful functional recovery. They include music therapy, yoga, reflexology, bio-dance.
We also carry out an in-depth nutritional assessment and tailor the menu to the individual dietary needs of each client. Emotional support is ongoing. Anyone staying here gets the full VIP treatment including limousine transportation, a personal chef, a butler and a concierge.

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What other conditions do you treat?

A. Obesity and eating disorders, bipolar disorder, stress and burn out, trauma, phobias, ADHD (Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder), OCD ( obssesive-Compulsive disorder).

Q. What about Mallorca?

A. We moved to the island 27 years ago and fell in love with it. We couldn’t think of a better location for our HQ.  Mallorca and the Balearic Islands at large provide a unique location to experience the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle while restoring your health. Our concierge team has local knowledge and expertise to design and organize a great variety of leisure and fun activities to make our clients’ personal journey more enjoyable.  

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A. Without a doubt, the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes from seeing someone regain control of their life and the unique bond forged during treatment.

Bonaire Bespoke Recovery Mallorca


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