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Meet Frank Krüger

Born in 1962, Frank Krüger spent his youth in his hometown Berlin, Germany. Youngest of three brothers, he expressed his artistic talents at a very early age, influenced by his father, a photographer, and mother, a technical draftsperson. Further motivated by his brothers, who enjoyed manual crafts, Frank manifested his art skills already in kindergarten, mainly drawing animals in movement. At the age of 10, he began oil painting and, at 12, sold his first painting, the theme of seagulls flying over the North Sea. He was immediately encouraged to create a new painting. Alas, that was given away as a present and delivered to Poland, to much of his father’s regret.

Although Frank was aware of his talent and passion for art throughout his youth, a decision to seek work at the age of 16 urged him to accept his first job as caretaker of the local zoo gardens. This work experience was soon followed by a desire to develop his own business. Envisioned and accomplished, Frank’s business venture comprised diverse activities, from nightclub and restaurant ownership to video store ownership at the age of 24; interim, he continued to paint as a hobby and displayed four of his paintings in a Berlin art exposition in 1988. In the early ’90s, a fortuitous collaboration proposal from his brother, who had traveled to Mallorca to set up a Go-karts track, determined Frank’s ensuing bond with the island. It was not until his permanent move to Mallorca in 1994 that Frank initiated his professional painting career, which led him to the renowned success of his 1998 exhibition with fourteen paintings that gained him excellent critics and a sound reputation as an artist. An entire year of exposition at the Clínica Picasso of Mallorca was followed by another successful Berlin exhibition in 2002.

Although one can easily recognize Frank’s work for his photorealistic quality, his artistic trajectory commenced with minimalism, nudes, nostalgic abstracts, and realism. Deeply impressed while viewing the exhibition of an English artist in Mallorca, he was inspired to portray nature and landscapes. This resulted in a series of realistic paintings that feature the symbolic beauty of Mallorca, illustrate sights and figures characteristic of Spain, stir up a melting pot of sentiments and colors, and merge the serene views of nature with the artist’s love for New York, creating a contrast of themes and great fodder for art-lovers to ponder upon. “I’m torn in two,” he says, “I like to express my passion for the authentic Mallorca but at times crave the big-city life. That’s when I disconnect from the isolation of the island to go to Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, Madrid or plunge through the crowd in New York.”

Though Michelangelo and Salvador Dali are amongst his favorite inspirational artists, he assures nothing gives him more ideas while painting than listening to Alicia Keys’ song Empire State of Mind highlighting NY, the city to which he has dedicated many a painting. In return, his love for the Big Apple is bearing fruit: “Four NY galleries requested to exhibit my paintings,” he states. “However, what I have found in Mallorca is unbeatable. Here, you can find unique hiding places, some from centuries ago, others offering ultimate luxury. The sea, the sky, the forests, all bear colors I have not seen anywhere else in the world, not even in Brazil. Nature and luxury blend to offer the best life quality on such a small island where everything is at reach. My home is a privilege, with a stunning view of the Capdepera Castle transmitting incredible power. And the biggest luxury of all is waking up in the morning without an alarm clock, totally rested, hearing the laughter of my 6-year-old daughter.”

Mainly oil painting on canvas, his art material and techniques vary to suit every type of work. Very thin brushes are used for precision, while a palette knife is used to paint Spanish bulls, an animal he admires and supports against bullfighting. With over 2000 paintings in various styles throughout his life, Frank is now preparing his leap from photorealism to surrealism, intending to inject his entire personality, ideas, and emotions in his paintings with absolute freedom. His upcoming projects include opening a gallery in the center of Palma and Cala Ratjada.


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