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Palma de Mallorca At A Glance

The capital of Mallorca (Majorca) has hidden charms that go beyond the pleasant climate that protects the island.  The fascination that surrounds Palma is, without doubt, founded in its architectural heritage, its streets, and of course in the charm of its cosmopolitan activity.  If we add to that its direct link with the sea, the diversity of its neighborhoods, the elegance of its “Modernisme” buildings (Catalan “Art Noveau”), the secret character of hidden but symbolic places, or the presence of its cathedral among others treasures… we find ourselves unmistakably before one of Europe’s most charismatic cities.

Modern and constantly evolving, Palma de Mallorca is a city where vitality reigns supreme, without renouncing the title “The City of Calm”, the name with which the poet, Santiago Russinyol, renamed it.

Palma; a city characterized by its historic presences: Talayotics, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabians, and Christians among others; offers its visitors an unparalleled Mediterranean experience. During the day, while exploring the stone-paved narrow streets and alleys, the traveler’s eye will inevitably come to rest upon the cathedral, the Almudaina, the innumerable “Post-Modernisme” buildings, the legacy of Gaudí and his disciples, or the magnificent patios of the stately homes set within the historic quarters.

During the day it is also easy to enjoy or purchase, if the whim takes you, high-quality craft items and witness the true talent of the local craftsmen. If you go shopping, you do not have to forgo high fashion or gastronomic delights, as Palma is a city with a strong trading tradition.

But without a doubt, it is at nighttime that Palma comes alive. Full of cafés and bars of diverse atmosphere, indecently cosmopolitan, impossible to complete in a single night, Palma offers one of the most spectacular Mediterranean nights available. Well known for their friendliness and festive spirit, the citizens of Palma will open their doors to you to enjoy a never-ending selection of nightclubs and desirable locations, all set in the heart of the city.  A well-run airport, el Molinar, a charming fishing port and an exclusive range of accommodation and gastronomic options complete this extraordinary city.

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Stone and soul; magic and color; La Seu.

The landmark and symbol of the capital city of Palma de Mallorca is the historic Palma cathedral, La Seu. Majestuous, impressive, delicate, perfect. Palma Cathedral politely welcomes tourists but it warmly embraces natives and residents. It is known that it is stared at and admired, and in return, it observes and watches over its beholders. It welcomes the visitor from land, sea, and air. You never lose sight of it, even with your eyes shut.

La Seu, which rises majestically on the seashore, is a unique example of gothic architecture. Its construction began in early 1229 after Mallorca had been conquered by the Kingdom of Aragon, and the building – which conquers all who set eyes on it – took its due time to be complete. In an inevitably Mediterranean way, delicate and luminous, it is bathed with myriad colors softly filtered through its two enormous rose windows, which twice yearly offer the unique spectacle of aligning to form a figure of eight with the Mallorcan sun’s morning rays.

To reach its three naves, which will embrace and submit you to reflection, you should first contemplate its own small, calm salt-water lake, featuring a jet of water which endeavors – successfully – to reach for the sky. Architects, painters, kings, and ordinary mortals have all tried to make their mark on it, but it is the Cathedral that touches all those who cross its threshold.

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