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A successful team is one where everyone’s unique skills and strengths help the company achieve a shared goal or outcome most effectively. Most employers now recognize the benefits of team-building activities in enhancing performance, co-operation, communication, and a positive attitude. Mallorca offers many opportunities to improve teamwork with sunshine thrown in! 


Almost any activity on the water can be arranged, from sea kayaking to raft building and racing. The annual big regattas such as the Copa Del Rey and the Superyacht Cup held in the bay of Palma are testimony to the great sailing to be enjoyed off the coast of the island, and the maritime industry can provide any boat for charter from catamarans to cruisers.

The coastline is also pitted with secret caves where snorkeling and scuba diving will amaze. You can even go swimming with sharks, but that is at the Palma Aquarium. The famous stunning Caves of Drach offer nighttime tours revealing the incredible beauty of nature.

Nature also provides Mallorca with the Tramuntana mountain range in the west of the island, a haven for cyclists, climbers, and trekkers. One popular event is the “Safe Hunt.” A treasure hunt with a difference as groups are pitted against each other to find and unlock a safe containing liquid rewards!   

Ipad Tours

For those more “towny” orientated, a similar task can be arranged in the beautiful capital city, Palma, where the maze of historic streets and lanes provides a perfect backdrop. The town is well-equipped with shopping, eating, drinking, dancing and playing facilities, so there is a wide choice of relaxation options for after the search is over.

Jungle adventure

One option that falls between the two is a “Jungle Park” in the resort of Santa Ponsa, where brave visitors negotiate a circuit through pine trees using bridges, ropes, vine, and zip wires.

On Four Wheels

For the “petrol head” enthusiast Mallorca offers everything from remote-controlled cars to go-carting to sports and classic cars.  Driving allows exploring the island’s scenery in daytime or nighttime rallies that end watching the sunrise over the beach of Pollensa in the north of the island. 

In the Air

From the roads to the sky, and whether it is a helicopter tour, gliding, or the more sedate hot air balloon ride, up in the sky is a great way to see the island’s beauty. You can even build our guilder and watch it fly. 

Cooking Course

If all that exercise has worked up an appetite, why not take a team cooking course at one of the island’s beautiful fincas and learn how to create local specialties such as paella or pa amb oli?

Then to round off the day, why not create a band and play a gig at one of the island’s many music venues or enjoy the professional musicians and performers who entertain at the bars, clubs, and hotels. 

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