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Meet Dr. Marisol Carrasco

We can’t stop time and avoid aging, but we can surely slow down the process and look young, healthy, and beautiful no matter our age.

A leading aesthetic physician in the field of advanced non-surgical medical aesthetics, Dr. Marisol Carrasco has two master’s degrees in anti-aging and rejuvenation and deep knowledge of wellness treatment thanks to her former experience as Spa director of Hotel Melía de Mar and Hotel Maricel, two of the most exclusive hotels on our island. The cornerstone of her philosophy is to improve your appearance while maintaining a natural look. ​

Her professional vision is defined by her commitment to her clients’ health, beauty, and well-being. A regular face in the media and a sought-after source regarding soft tissue injectables, non-invasive procedures, and body treatments. We were lucky enough to sit down with her and
discuss the latest advances in anti-aging therapies and how they can
help you look and feel younger.

Q. What inspired you to start in the field of antiaging medicine?

A. I come from a medical family, and my professional career has always been vocational. Once I completed my six-year degree in medicine, I started working as an assistant to a plastic surgeon. At the same time, I continued studying in Barcelona, taking a private Master in aesthetic medicine and a further Master at the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands). Since graduating from University, throughout these 25 years of professional experience, I have continued studying and attending medical conferences, as aesthetic medicine is a field in constant evolution regarding treatments and technology.

Q. What is your philosophy when it comes to skincare and aging gracefully?

A. The clinic’s philosophy is based on a combination of western and oriental techniques, thanks to a highly qualified team of medical assistants from Japan and the Philippines who, together with western therapists, attend to our patients and assist me in preparing treatments.

I believe in preventive medicine and encouraging a natural image with a “less is more” approach. Rejuvenation should be gradual, and you have to know how to say “no” to excessive or disproportionate suggestions from patients themselves. One should rejuvenate naturally and have a good corporal and facial image befitting one’s age.

Q. What is the most common concern women have of all the patients you see?

A. I don’t only treat women. It is becoming more common to welcome male clients to the clinic. The main difference is that men tend to value speed and efficiency, whereas women look for long-term treatments.

Currently, as far as facial therapies are concerned, there is most demand for HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (i.e., non-surgical face lift), Botox, vitamin facials, hyaluronic acid … Our most popular body treatments are HIFU (non-surgical liposuction for reducing volume), diets, personalized nutrition, body Dermohealth, cavitation, lipo procedures and weight-loss treatments, CrioCuum, a lipo reduction treatment, that delivers fast results after the first session.

Q. How do you balance a patient’s wishes with your own expert opinions about what they need?

A. By prioritizing a natural image, and taking into account the patient’s age while trying to improve their image and health. We start with an initial non-committal appointment, including an analytical study and creating a clinical record. Patients are asked about exactly what they expect, and we guide them towards obtaining a satisfactory facial aspect.

Q. Which are the newest and most effective technologies in antiaging you are bringing people through your clinic?

A. I am always looking for new treatments and ingredients to introduce to my patients. Current favorites include facial HIFU, a non-surgical system for lifting and tensing the face. It penetrates several layers of skin, concentrating energy selectively in deeper layers while leaving the superficial ones intact. Another one is Dermaplus, which consists of five treatments in one, i.e., Microdermabrasion, radiofrequency, vacuum therapy, low-level laser therapy, and oxygen therapy.

Q. If you were to give one piece of skincare advice to our readers that would help them dramatically improve their skin, what would it be?

A. I would encourage them to undergo a skin scanner facial diagnosis first. With this system, the patient’s skin is analyzed using a Wood lamp, and they can see what I can see through a mirror: blemishes and how deep they are, the state of the epidermis, facial aging, skin quality. The patient is advised as to which is the best suitable treatment for them,  which can be carried out either at the clinic or at home.

True, there is no stopping the hands of time, but, all can be dramatically improved – you can be young at any age – energetic, healthy, have a sharp brain, great mood, and be beautiful.

Interested in booking a consultation or treatment?

You can contact Dr Marisol Carrasco at IBP Medicina Estética, located in the prestigious ophthalmological clinic Salvá, at 34 648 220 839 / 34 648 220 860 or request your consultation below.


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