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Il Tano

Il Tano Italian Restaurant Mallorca

If a pizza can be described as ‘soulful’, il TANO’s pizzas are probably one of the most soulful things in town. With its great food, attentive staff, a terrific wine list, and the best pizza makers, Pizzeria Il TANO is an absolute ‘must’ for anyone in Mallorca looking for an authentic Italian experience.
From classic to special, the inventive, upscale pizza menu reflects the creative flair and culinary Italian heritage of founder and owner, businessman Alessandro.

Using traditional methods and flavors but also ingredients and toppings you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in an old-school South Italian pizzeria, he has created an amazing variety of classic and more adventurous options.
The rest of the menu includes a great variety of entrees and fresh handmade pasta that will captivate your palates with its innovative mélange of flavors.

The restaurant prides itself in sourcing its products and ingredients – from ham, sausages to cheeses and mozzarella – directly delivered from ‘Puglia’ whose cuisine is a pure expression of popular traditions and genuineness.

But that’s not it. Il TANO is not only a top address for pizza enthusiasts and Italian food lovers, but it’s also a place for wine connoisseurs. Following Alessandro’s vision that pizza and wine make for a winning pair and that a great pizza deserves a great match, the wine list at il TANO boasts some of the most outstanding Italian wines that will make you change forever the way you and your friends enjoy pizzas. Its stellar selection includes names such as Barolo, Brunello, Ornellaia, Sassicaia, Nero d’Avola, Tignanello, Chianti Cavalleresco, to name a few.